There are many causes of hair loss including stress, hormonal problems, dietary deficiency, and genetic predisposition. There was no cure for hair loss in early time but now we have many solutions for hair restoration. There are some surgical and non-surgical solutions for hair treatment.

Some of the non-surgical treatments:-

1. Minoxidil:- It is a very well known liquid medication. It is very useful to stimulate hair growth. It works best at the early stage of hair loss.
2. Finasteride:- It is helpful to stop the progression of hair loss. It has to be taken daily to see the results.

Surgical treatments:-

Hair transplant is the surgical treatment for hair loss. In a hair transplant, hair is extracted from the donor area of the head, legs, arms, chest, and underarms. After the extraction of the hair, it is transplanted into the recipient area of the head. The hair form after the surgery is natural and permanent. There are many techniques available for hair transplantation processes such as FUE and FUT. FUE is known to be the best treatment for hair transplant in Jalandhar. It is a scarless treatment and is obtained by the patients who don’t want scars to form on their head after the surgery.