Hello everyone, I am a new user of the forum and I would like to talk about a problem of my nose skin.
A few years ago I noticed a bulge on the left side of my nose.
It doesn't hurt so I decided not to do anything.
Recently i did a dermatological examination and the doctor told me it could be a lipoma. He ruled out it being a cyst. The skin above this area is normal. I notice only a little swelling and if I touch it with my fingers I feel that there is something under the skin.
If I did not misunderstand this bulge was formed because the sebaceous gland got clogged. I actually suffer of oily skin. The doctor told me to use a skin cleanser for oily skin and a cream for the same problem for 20 days.
Is there any chance that using these products the clogged glands will purify and decrease swelling?
Are there natural remedies that can lead to reduced swelling and eliminate lipoma?
Are there foods I need to avoid?
Over the years it has slightly increased -.The doctor advised me not to intervene because a surgical removal of the problem would leave scars.