Suggest its first French puff pastry in Hong Kong, the location is large sufficient to cowl the entire Poon Choi, complete of sincerity, pinnacle-notch punch. The puff pastry is crispy, crispy and not greasy. While eating, you can tear the puff pastry into small portions and dip it within the soup. It is very attractive! On the subject of soup, you could select French Lobster Soup or Tom Yum Lobster Soup. The previous has a wealthy and easy soup base and is complete of umami; the latter is good and slightly highly spiced, which is very appetizing. In phrases of substances, Poon Choi has as many as 19 ingredients. In addition to the simple substances along with Spanish Iberico pork stomach, fowl spleen, beef belly, lobster balls, Thai fish desserts, fresh mushrooms, and cauliflower, the maximum unique one need to be a variety of elements. Uncommon seafood, consisting of sparkling and candy Boston lobster, fresh fresh abalone, springy Hokkaido jumbo scallop, Australian blue mussels, etc., the element is complete!