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    Default How much do you exercise?

    They say that adults should have a minumum of 30 mins exercise 5 days a week, are there any of us who do this? Sometimes it can be very hard to fit exercise into your daily lifestyle if you work full time etc. but even just walking to work and back (if this is possible) can help you.

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    i stand on my feet 8 hours a day while i work. i might get to sit down for lunch break but other than that i am on my feet. i am very bad about excercising. i am lazy and it shows but unless i have a friend with me i lose interest in excercising really fast. i work from 12:30pm to 9pm every day. i must walk 10 miles a day at work. i know that isn't excercising but i am so tired physically and mentally by the end of my day i go home and go to bed.

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    Hey, walking is very good exercise and 10 miles is a long way to walk! You must be really tired doing this everyday and then also being on your feet all day too!

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    i'm very lazy too. i usually walk 15 mins per day in the morning besides my regular office home walk.

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    I just signed up for a charity Run. So I am currently in training i'm running about 2 k/m a day, well everyother day Hopefully i'll be able to finish in good time . I got untill the end of may

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    I used to be 300 pounds, and I walked a mile everyday, yeah. Took a lot more exercise to lose the weight, that's for sure. I run 2 miles every other day, and work out three times a week on the weights.

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    I am a member of a local gym where they have all kinds of fitness machines. I go there about 2-3 times a week for an hour. It helps keep my body in shape.

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    i'm not much interested in heavy exercise .but i do yoga daily for 30 mins.
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    i exercise at least thrice a week. I do a lot of walking for 2-4 hours non-stop as I go to the mall. I feel relaxed afterward whenever I have the time doing this.

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    i seldom do exercise. but i heard from my friend at least 30 a day

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