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    Thumbs up got acne? SOLUTION 4 u!?

    THANK GOD, finally i found something EFFECTIVE for acne!

    my mother bought this acne set from a store in CA. what can i say... they are just AMAZING worked for me, worked for my cousin who is 12, worked for my sister who is 30 and worked for my brother who is 21! seems like it works on everyone! the BEST part is... its ONLY $12.99 and you get 3 products!

    i don't have the comp. info on me thou... my mom said the store name was "veins"? "valence"? "veilens"?? something like that... apparently they are famous in the US and Canada!

    u shoulg def. give a try!!!

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    are you talking about "VALENCE detox.slimming. anti-aging" in Beverly hills?

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    jsg, YES that is it!

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    yeah, they are the hot brand in CA esp. in Hollywood and Beverly Hills area. i heared valence is owned by celebrities and they work with dermatologists to produce effective products. they became very famous after introducing their 24K gold anti-aging cosmetics and cellulite care goods.

    they were on TV so often (with celebs, of course) and it just got me curious about what they offer. their products are surprisingly cheapER than my expectations! i bought Ultimate lift cream and it was only $35 and it is the BEST lift cream ever!

    anyway... back to acne...
    Valence's ance product is one of their newer products. just because the lift cream was inexpensive and very effective, i bought their $12.99 ance set for my kid and her acne is gone... took her abt 3 weeks to clear everything on her face but i was AMAZED...!

    if anyone is looking for effective acne products, try it! i think its worth it!

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    I am a fan of Valence detox. slimming. anti-aging too! their acne set is a one wonderful thing i found in the US!

    jsg... I asked the sales person there and found out that they are NOT owned by celebrities! they are owned by dermatologists and doctors! That's why their products are so fantastic! They seem to get lots of celebrity clients thou.

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    The French, i did not know Valence is owned by derma-pros!! i just wanted to let you know that their acne set is 1 for $12.99, 2 for $20!

    jsg, i would like to know more about the Ultimate Lift Cream by Valence! please write more anout it under anti-aging topic! thank you.

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    vito... i wrote an info on the ultimate lift cream under anti-aging. check them out!

    i just fonund out that valence have quite a few products for acne scars. i have not purchased them for my kid so i cant say much about it but i am def. going to buy them for her so will let you guys know how they are.

    god, i am so glad there is a store where provides ladies, guys and kids everything we need that actually do work :-)

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    another way to treat acne... drink HYDROGEN water & DETOX tea!?

    drink water and/or tea that removes toxins that are built up in your body! one of the reasons why people get acne is because people have too much toxins in their bodies that the body tries to get rid of it from the pores = ACNE! how interesting! so drinking hydrogen water/detox tea (or whatever tea made with hydrogen water) removes toxins naturally by sweat and urine!

    how cool if it actually works!!
    since products from valence have been very impressive, i am thinking about trying them.

    does anyone know anything about hydrogen water??

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    My youngest kid has the worst acne on her face and back. She has tried over 10 different products but I don't think it is getting better... a set for $12.99, 2 for $20 for acne care sounds really cheap.

    Acne SET mean it comes with more than 1 product, right? Please tell me what they are! Thank you.

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    mama123- valence acne set comes with 3 products. step1 is cleansing, step2 is moisturizer and step3 is troubleshooter. except for step2, you do not have to use it everyday! they are kinda small but 1 set lasted my kid for abt 3 weeks but i think 2 for $20 is a way better deal!

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