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    We have experts over here in Australia that cater for hair loss. Expensive treatment but then again I think many will want to spend to get their hair back.

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    Essential oils such as rosemary, peppermint, juniper berry, basil to name a few will help hair growth. You mix these EOs with some castor oil (again this helps hair growth too) and in a few months you will see new hair. I have been using this potion for 4 months now and I have seen a lot of new hair growth.

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    Default is also treatment for hair loss..

    Hi..I think ... is also best treatment for hair loss.It reduces hair fall. .
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    Sophiasmit941 read the rules before you start spamming. Thanks,

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    Hi Simmone, hope your fine. Having a hair loss problem is not easy. You have to immediately find a treatment for that hair loss so that is wont be turn to bald. I have search about treatment for hair loss. The product name was Rejuvin8. Try to search it for more details.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jsg View Post
    great post sweetcher! i had the same problem abt a few years ago. i think it was from having 2 much stress from work and also a change of my life style. i was eating lots of junk food as well...

    my dr. told me to take keratin suppliments. i found that there are many different kinds of keratin products out there such as keratine tea, keratin candy and keratin pills! i simply took pills for a few weeks and it got all better.

    i heared there is a special hair treatment called "keratin hair treatment" and supposely they are really good. never had a chance 2 try it thou...

    hope this info helps... good luck!
    Keratin hair treatment is good for the hair. Our hairs are made up of keratin called protein. Another treatment for hair loss is Leimo, an organic based treatment to fight the DHT buildup and promote hair growth.

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    Default Morocco Organ Oil

    Quote Originally Posted by Simmone View Post
    Hi, I am 31 yrs female from malaysia. I have been facing severe hair loss problem for the last one year. I didn't notice before as i was too busy on my works,too much of stress and all, but now i'm off the work and i notice this thing. I just visited india and i visited Dr. batra's clinic and i'm using their medicine. Can you suggest any other natural medicines or oils that help grow hair fast. I'm really worried about it.
    I got a very good solution to prevent Hair Loss. I was losing my hair i used Morocco Argan Oil to prevent it.

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    I used to use Morocco Argan Oil but can't find any good result . It was about last 2 years but I had stopped using it. I tried using Bio cleansing shampoo, it works perfect to prevent my hair falling. I can say that the best hair loss treatment for me is Leimo. They helped me a lot to having a new thick and healthy hair again. How lucky you are if you try to inquire them because they are offering a free hair treatment products.

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    I prefer to use Matthew Gardson method movement+pepper+mustard
    With those 3 things combined my hair started growing back nearly immediately

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    Its very much scary to just imagine ourself bald, we start looking dull and look pretty old then our actual age.Its better to wake up and start taking care of our hair by using the natural products.

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