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    Default Does nail polish kill scabies?

    I heard somewhere in other sites that nail polish kills scabies. Anyone here heard of it.

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    yes i have heard of this. people paint the area where the scabies are and they die because of no air and they can't get out of the skin. but this is used when you have a small area. if you have a large area you have to use a prescription here in the us or maybe over the counter in your country.

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    I don't think that would be a good options. i have heard it too. But as brenda said that might help for localized lesion. OTC scabies medicines are better.

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    If you have scabies in the small area of your body you can use nail polish, only if its small because you cant use it if a large portion of your body has it. For you might die. Scabies mites generally do not survive more than 2 to 3 days away from human skin. Scabies can be treated by using a scabicide like 5% permethrin, 10% Crotamiton or 1% lindane. And no over the counter medications that are approved to treat scabies. So I suggest be extra careful in using medications just to be cured.

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