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    Default How can i prevent nails from chipping off

    Anyone have any ideas, how can i prevent my nails from chipping off. my nails looks terrible and ugly

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    are your nails very hard? or extra soft? there are creams that are supposed to help chipping nails. one is made by denco products, i think everyone that makes nail polish has creams for cuticles and nails. you could try taking vitamin b that has all the b vitamins in it. biotin is a good one for nails and hair. but in the multiple b vitamins it is usually included. for a while keep your nails short. try getting a manicure or give yourself a manicure every 2 weeks. wear rubber gloves when you hands have to be in water or detergents. the manicures will help because once you start working with your nails and this might sound dumb but they flourish. i was a nail biter for 19 years and when i went to cosmetology school and we started working on manicures i stopped biting and my nails actually took to the pampering. gotta do it on a regular basis though. hope this helped you.

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    i wouldn't get acrylic or gel nails just a regular manicure. both acrylic and gel destroy the real nails.

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    Try supplementing with Biotin. Upwards of 3000mcg or so.

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    Why dont you try to put garlic on your nail because for all I know it harden It. Why dont you try it. Maybe it helps.

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    I use Sally Hansen Maximum Growth, and it seems to work for me

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    Its very important to cut your nails after some days and leave your nails without nail paint for one day in a week.

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    you should use petroleum jelly.

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    Eat more fruits and vegetables, vitamins C and B are crucial for the strength of your nails and hair also..

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    Here are some steps to follow for you:-
    Prep your nails. ...
    Wash your hands. ...
    Apply a base coat. ...
    Allow nails to dry. ...
    Apply a chip resistant top coat. ...
    Dip your nails in ice cold water. ...
    Apply a top coat every day.

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