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    yea its not the problem to worry about but prevention is better then care.Just try to avoid the hard pillow that will solve it.

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    I sleep side-ways and takes cotton pillow but I don't have this kind of problems.Don't develop wrinkles on my face no matter if the pillow is pressed hard against my face.
    Maybe the kind of pillow you are suing is too hard and also old pillows cotton breaks up and they are harmful with sleeping with them.
    Get a new pillow which are soft and get from a company not from local shop as local shops use recycled cotton in machines to make new pillows which is not effective and breaks up in 2 or 3 years.

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    oh anyone using this kind of sleeping pillows ? looks like interesting topic here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BrendaMarie View Post
    That really sounds like an old wive's tale to me. In all the reading that I've done I have never heard of this before. Wrinkles are caused by frowning and stress not by the way that you sleep.
    This is quite untrue . When I sleep I furrow my brow together which causes wrinkles both between my eyes, and on my forehead, which point diagonally towards the bridge of my nose. I suspect it may be some sort of stress, causing tension in my face at night but I really do not know why I do this or how I can stop myself from doing it. If anyone has any info, please let me know!

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    Default dynamic wrinkles

    they are called "dynamic wrinkles," and they result from muscle contraction beneath the skin, the same thing happens from squinting too much. I know its unrelated to the variety of pillow on which you sleep, but still a useful reply to earlier posts

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    Quote Originally Posted by mimico View Post
    I was inspired to write this threat after my previous "sleep with makeup" post. I usually sleep sideways, with my face pressed against my pillow. I have one pillow on each side of me as well (so three in all) so that every time I turn there's a pillow under my cheek. Sadly, my mom claims this will cause wrinkles on my skin. She keeps reminding me to sleep straight so that nothing touches my face, but I can't help it!!! I can't control my body when I sleep.

    So my questions are:
    (1) Does the way I sleep really promote wrinkles?
    (2) How do you sleep?
    Yeah.. The way you sleep can cause wrinkles. Its just that you press your face against the pillow which causes lines and wrinkles to form. In due course they become permanent.
    I know you cannot control the way you sleep. So, you try using satin pillow covers instead of the regular cotton. They are soft and silky and dont strain the skin.

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    I got a silk pillow case for the same reason (I sleep on my side/front and my cheek smushes up, leading to eye lines) and I can't say it's effective at all TBH. My face still smushes up. I still use it though because it feels nice.

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