im a guy with normal/combination skin leaning towards oily side.

so i normally take good care of my skin. dont have issues that often. problem starts when i try to overdo things and thats when i start to regret!!

someone gave my a moisturizer from lush as a gift. started applying it like crazy. got a few minor breakout couple of days later. i thought they were just regular pimples that would go away eventually. days passed, weeks passed and it kept getting worse. Decided to stop using the product as i felt it was too oily.

anyway months have passed since stopping that product and my skin is even worse. is this damage permanent? hope not? my face now:


i m not sure if the my skin became bad directly because of using that product?
what do i even call this stuff on my skin? acne? can someone comment if this type of breakout can happen because of stress?

now months have passed, ive tried EVERYTHING google could tell me from using clean and clear products to neturogena acne products, using benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid creams....its just staying like it is and none of these products are having any affect!

latest product im using is dermalogica cleansing gel and so far, no results. i think it has made it worse as these pimples have become more red actually
i dont know what to do anymore.

please help.