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    Default Mole Removal Surgery

    Anyone here had done mole removal surgery. I'm going to have my mole removed. how much time does it take ? can i go home in first day or i have to stay on hospital ?

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    actually i had a mole removed from my side. i thought it was just a skin tag but when my doctor looked at it he said it was a mole. i had it removed right in his office. it was deep, about a half inch deep. he sent it to a pathology lab but all was fine. i had a local and 2 stitches. i went to work afterwards.

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    Stay calm it just takes 20 minutes to hours depending upon how many moles to be removed. Usually local anesthetic is applied to relieve pain and performed and you can carry your normal work after procedure,but the type and quantity of mole to be removed might determine the time and duration. After procedure you are advised to go home with some oral pain killers and antibiotics if needed. Scar might developed but will disappear with in 2-4 weeks, Sometimes might take longer depending on the site and procedure.

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    I have a friend who recently got rid of a mole he had on his face/chin.
    It took about 1 hour he said. The doctors suggested that he should relax the rest of the day. It all went really well, hardly no scars!

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    I got my 2 moles removed from my face without surgery. They used some sort of extract from a cashew nut and rubbed it on the moles and after 2-3 weeks, the moles just fell off.

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    Mole removal surgery is the safest and the most effective way to remove mole. The mole are usually of two types the flat one and the bumped one. The flat mole are easily been removed out through laser surgery but the bumped one should be removed through traditional mole removal surgery. To collect more information about the mole removal surgery visit to [url removed] .

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    Don't worry, it's not a big deal. It will be really fast. I have had it done a few times. There might be a little scar where the mole was removed.

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