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    There is 4 way i know that so far that work pretty well to remove eye bags and i quite like the 4th 1 that work amazingly
    check them out
    1. Go potato: Slice a raw potato (after refrigerating for a couple of minutes) into two and circle the closed eyes gently with those halves. Place it on your eyes so that it also covers the puffed ares under your eyes and leave it like that for 15-20 minutes. You'll notice a tremendous change in those bags as they'll be diminished in size.
    2. Milky way: If you have extremely puffed up eyes this is the regular regime that you will have to follow. Dip cotton pads in chilled milk and place on your eyelids and relax for 20-30 minutes. This well help your eyes in water retention and it would also cool them off .
    3. Oily help: Take chilled water in a bowl and add a few drops of vitamin E oil to it, now mix the two well. Dip cotton pads in this mixture and place on the eyes for 20 minutes, this well help in reducing the swelling around the eyes.
    4. check out this video of the magical serum that remove eye bag instantly like magic
    personally, I have tried this wonderful product that has been helping me look younger. people thought I went for surgery to look younger and I told them no they were quite surprise haha..

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    Firstly, Try to have a proper sleep. Secondly, find out the real reason behind the dark circles. I mean, sometimes health issues too cause the dark circles and in that case you have to get along with the medication.
    If health is not an issue then may be your day to day routine might be the reason for the same. Try to add the nutritioned food in your food routine and balance your lifestyle accordingly. I would not recommend any cosmetic as eyes are very sensitive and any random product can really cause problems

    If and only if you are pretty sure about the same then only proceed with the cosmetic to choose.

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    Dark circles and lines are pretty easy to get over, so first be confident. These are some of the powerful natural remedies for dark circles under eyes.
    Aloe vera - It thickens the skin which is slowly thinning.
    Sweet Almond oil - This is the best oil for dark circles, mainly because of palmitic acid.
    Used black tea bags, not green tea. Black tea has more tannins.
    Use a sunscreen. The sun is harsh on under eye skin.

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    These are easy to overcome if you care for them from the very beginning. You have to take care of your self everyday. Take proper sleep, use face masks, apply potatoes, avocados etc on the affected area. Regular exercise is one of the best methods to deal with early aging. Studies have shown that nasal congestion also causes such problem. So you need to keep a check on the allergies and other health issues you have.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dale91 View Post
    Other Dark Circles Skin Care Treatments
    1) Washing your face with water and a soft soap every hour is very important. It is very important that your skin stays fresh and cool all the time and free from any germs or bacteria.
    2) Daily eight hours of sleep is very essential for the body and the eyes. It is very important that you sleep without being disturbed at all. This is not only good for the eyes but also for the body as you will not have any health problems in the future.
    3) "Work less and relax more" should be your main motto if you wish to get rid of the dark circles as soon as possible. Stress and fatigue are two toxic enemies of a dark circle-free skin.
    4) Exercising is also very important and should be added to your daily regime. If you remain healthy at all times, you will not encounter any health problems.
    These suggestions are very instrumental for under eye treatment.
    5) check out for great products that really works
    All tips described here are appreciated. These tips will certainly help you to get rid of dark circles or wrinkles under eyes.

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