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    I've said it a million times, there is NO CURE for Psoriasis. I'm really sorry to tell all the sufferers out there. The only thing you can do is lessen the "damages". By damages, I mean both mentally, which is more serious than the physical damage, and physically.

    I remember when I was a kid, back in stone age, lol,,,,,,there was a commercial on TV, and the first words on the commercial were "do you suffer from the heartbreak of Psoriasis?". Believe it or not, I think that's what got me interested in "the skin". My mom had psoriasis and I thought it was catchy. No, it's not catchy. Genes have a lot to do with it. The only thing one can do is lessen the itching and discomfort. Explain to people who are interested what you have and tell them that is not catchy. People don't like to touch other people who have something "yucky" on their skin. Right?

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    Psoriasis is an auto immune disorder. There is no cure but there are products that can be used keep psoriasis at bay.

    I have suffered from this for years and for the past 5 months my skin is clear. Brenda also uses some oils that have greatly improved her skin. There are medications that can help and even take away the lesions but they can be dangerous. It depends on each of us individually on the risks we are willing to take.

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    yes Dr.Mike we know there is no cure right now for psoriasis. i was just trying to tell people not to give up hope. maybe one day there will be a discovery of a SAFE cure.

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    Talking Psoriasis and hydrogen peroxide

    Came upon this post and decided to give it a try. Been hearing alot lately about food grade hydrogen peroxide. Going to try just the drug store version since it cleared up the nose pollyp in my left nostril! I've had it for 35 years!

    As well, grew up in the military on some pretty toxic sites. That's when my skin disorders started happening. The military doctors said that I was "hypoallergenic" and prescribecreams and bath oils that didn't work.

    I outgrew it for a while once we moved away from one of the sites, now it's back under my right arm. Believe it or not, salt deodarants tend to make it break out worse! I think it's chloracne...caused by environmental toxins/pesticides. Salts tend to aggrivate the bacteria...not that it isn't working...perhaps bringing it to the surface allows it to heal.

    Will let people know if I have any success with the peroxide. Was also going to order some food grade hydrogen peroxide. Have heard alot about it and some naturalpathic drs use it for infusion ....and have heard of some great results.

    Here is a great link on environmental skin of the first steps is removing yourself from the source.

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    Following terrible symptoms as a child, I didn't have any symptoms for 25 years or so after moving away from the area/water source where i was came back again decades later when I was working in an industry and exposed to welding and paint fumes and chemicals.

    One can say, there is no cure (I hate that line!). Auto-immune is simply the body is attacking a pathogen...they just can't identify it. The body simply does not attack itself or healthy cells. There is a pathogen there.

    I was told the same thing about glaucoma - there is no cure! You will eventually go blind! Guess what...I no longer have any sign of glaucoma, not even on a watch. Anyway, partial truth to no cure for for a "life-time cure"...because everyone is always susuptible and we are bombarded 24 hours a day with toxins...air, water, soil, food.... It's all about balance, re-expose yourself to the pathogens or become exposed and you can have skin disorders again.

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    The immune system does attack healthy cells.

    There is no cure for psoriasis but there are lotions that can provide relief. If you have some information that can help people with psoriasis then please provide it.

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    Default The truth about auto-immune

    In many instances, psoriasis is a sytematic infection. What you see on the skin is just the tip of the iceburg.

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    Rather than saying the immune system will not attack "Healthy cells", I should have said that the immune system will not attack it's own cells. The immune system will attack sick cells and "non-self" cells.....healthy or not. Non-self meaning, abnormal protiens, cells from blood transfusions (considered non-self), transplants (non-self), vaccines made with live cells (non-self) pathogens, bacteria, parasites...non self.

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    This is not a forum to discuss immune system disorders. Especially since it appears that you know absolutely nothing about it.

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    People are talking all over this board about psoriasis being an auto-immune disease. And you say it's not the forum to discuss immune systems? Doesn't auto-immune have to do with the immune system? It's taught in basic anatomy/physiology.

    And I do know alot about "auto-immune disease" mother was told for decades that she had an "autoimmune disease" and became severely disabled and passed away from using an autoimmune medication...Enbryl and Remicade TNF blockers for auto-immune system that are injected and infused into the blood stream. Anything latent can become active on immunosupressents and then some. These auto-immune drugs are huge money makers for the pharmacutical industry...and yes, prescribed for some types of psoriasis and heavy warnings about it....and will even bring on psoriasis in some patients.

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