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Thread: Hair Care Tips

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    Default Hair Care Tips

    The following are some basic hair care tips that you can use to improve the health and look of your hair.

    A healthy lifestyle will mean healthier hair for you. Excessive stress, smoking, not exercising and not eating nutritiously are not healthy for your hair.

    Get enough sleep.

    Hair Products (Gel, mouse, hair spary...)
    Avoid using hair styling products with alcohol which dries out hair.

    Avoid puting hair styling products directly on your scalp, if you put it on your scalp you'll clog the pores on your head.

    Before entering a pool, wet your hair so your hair will soak up the initial water instead of the chlorinated water.

    When swimming where a cap to protect your hair from chlorinated water, if you choose not to wear a cap make sure you shampoo and condition your hair right after you are done


    Hot air can be damaging to your hair so when using a hair dryer use the cool setting.

    Don't leave the blowdryer in one spot for more than a few seconds, keep it moving and at a good distance away from your hair.

    To speed up the drying process, pat your hair dry with a towell and let the remaining moisture in your hair dry naturally.

    Gently use your fingers or a pick to untangle any knots while your hair is drying.Then you can use the hair straightener to make your hair beautiful, silky hair.

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    With your permission I would like to add one more tip - don't use hair product that contain chemical ingredients, such as Silicon. The long run effect will be devastating for you hair.
    Instead of that use natural hair product and if you do care from your hair - use skin care products. why? Because it contain huge concentration of minerals that supply you roots exactly what they need.

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    Thanks for the tips.Keep sharing.

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    Hi all,

    The best and effective way for having healthy hair is to clean your hair as often when you feel your hair is dirty, wash it gentle, with a shampoo that works on your hair. But, washing with traditional shampoo will often strip your hair of vital nutrition and are not able to supply proteins to protect the hair shaft.

    But, fast hair growth shampoo works on the hair itself, infusing special herbs and amino acids to help grow hair as fast and as healthy as possible. It is perfectly safe to use as it contains mostly natural ingredients. It also strengthens, prevents dryness and breakage, improves gloss, texture, manageability and adds body.

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    It is important to understand that your hair is as valuable as your skin. Imagine a beautiful flawless skin and an unruly hair to sport. This is the most disastrous combination combination both ways. The tips are great. It is true that the more synthetic products you use, the scalp tends to become dry.

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    Thanks for the tips but then again there are a lot of tips . But ultimately it depends on what kind of hair you have got . If its strong and hard , you might want to loosen it a bit , for others it might be curly and they might want to get it straightened . It depends on the person , but maintaining hair is neutral for everyone ( that's what i believe ) .

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    Thank you so much for the helpful tips you shared, you really did a good job.!!Maintaining healthy and clean hair is really important..!!Avoid using products on hair that contain chemicals that would ruin your hair..

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    When you think to yourself hair care tips, it's more about home remedies or treatments that are easily done and prepared. As humans, we also give the proper care and respect that our hair deserves just like how we take care of our skin. Like skin, hair is also very difficult, especially when exposed to harsh chemicals and are not handled with care and respect. Well, it's time to make a difference and pay more attention to your hair before going bald and damaged. More tips on hair care in the following sections.

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    Nice Tips. Keep sharing.

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    I do not know if I ever henna or color my hair again, but now this is what I do, I want to see and hear my real hair! I have been in color since I was 13 years, chemical colors to begin with. About 5-ish, I started hennaing, and continues to do so, because it was the hair stronger. Henna warm color does not suit me well, I myself have some great colors, but the biggest benefit to me.

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