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Thread: sensitive skin

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    Default sensitive skin

    my skin is sensitive. i always get pimples on my body and it leaves dark spots on my body. i use cocobutter cream it has lightened the marks. but it is not completely gone. should i continue using this cream?

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    it takes a while to get rid of scars. keep using the cocoa butter. if you have about $23 you could try a cream from Makeup artists choice. i am using it for psoriasis and it is helping me but its main function is a scar cream. it is called rosehips and hibiscus scar cream. my small lesions have almost vanished and i even broke down and bought another jar. there are others too. mederma, i think aveeno came out with a scar treatment. if you are using palmers cocoa butter it has vitamin e in it and is really good. hope i helped some.

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    You have to give a very personal care for your sensitive skin.I believe that being a sensitive skin you most have to avoid applying more chemical products in your face.It's became more harmful in later.You are applying cocobutter cream,it's good.You can continue it.Thanks........

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    Cocoa butter does remove spots.

    Get a (pure) cocoa butter stick and while you are watching TV or just sitting, apply it - over and over again.

    Lemon juice also removes dark spots - you should do this at night about 20 minutes before your bath or shower

    In a few weeks you will be spot-free

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    Here is a link that i found useful for sensitive skin care

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    if you find cocoabutter cream effective, it would be good to continue using it. But if you need or want to change the product you are using, make sure that it is not only effective but also safe. Read product reviews to determine the efficacy of a certain product.

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    * Diminish alcohol intake, spicy foods and caffeine

    * Avoid excessive variations in temperature

    * Use appropriate cleansers, moisturisers and cosmetics

    * Wear a concealer (in a green shade) to mask redness

    * Control and manage stress as much as possible

    * Always wear UVA/UVB protection.

    if can remove it then prevention is needed

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    The basic treatments are:

    *Exfoliants (Chemical like glycolic)
    *Bleaching creams
    *Laser treatments/Microdermabrasion (See your dermatologist)

    However, you should be aware that this can take MONTHS and even years. The best bet is to stay away from picking your pimples all together

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    It might be the clothes you wear which is causing the pimples on your skin. Synthetic fabrics have always given me itchy rashes and now a lot of the clothes I wear are specially anti allergenic. You might want to give it a try - Ive bought lots of clothes which are made of bamboo fibre!

    The material is known for its skin healing properties and is much softer than normal cotton. Have a look at the towels, I have a whole set and I love them!
    Best wishes

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    Acne scars are damn near impossible to really get rid of, however, there are several ways to get rid of acne scars:

    *Surgery to cut out the scars (Ice pick scars)
    *Botox and fillers injected into the scars (Flatter "crater" scars)
    *Laser treatments ("craters")

    Those are the three basic ways to get rid of acne scars. All of which require a visit to the dermatologist.

    You may want to check this out before starting any course of treatment though:
    [ Link Under Review ]

    You can also try a derma roller, but this increases your risk for infection, and there's no guarantee it will actually do anything.

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