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    Default How to stop hair fall?

    I used to have long hair but I started noticing that I'm getting more and more hair on my hairbrush and it got me alarmed. I cut my hair a little bit shorter, hoping that it will save me from more hairfall but it wasn't so. I tried hair fall control shampoos as well but they're really not effective! Can you recommend a treatment or product that I can use to prevent hair fall?

    *My hair's not thin yet and I am not going bald. It's just that I'm having more falling hair than what I believe should be normal.*

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    Hair loss is sumthin vich is gettin common dese dayz ....i myself suffered from this thing.....after which i came to know itz only treatment is to stop using any sorts of products available in the market for a minimum of 6 months.after which it stops to much extent..

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    well most people lose about 100-200 hairs everyday. its just the hair cycle! but if you feel like you're losing more than you should, you should see a dermatologist so they can give you the proper treatment.

    and don't stress about it to much! stressing also makes your hair fall out.

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    Yeah, losing some hair everyday is quite normal. However, if the number is more and you see it on your towel, you are surely experiencing a frank hair fall.

    Have you tried changing your shampoo lilabytes. It is not necessary that the hair fall shampoos will actually prevent it. Try using a mild shampoo instead with lesser chemicals.

    Also, try eating a lot of fruit and drinking juice on a daily basis for stronger hair. May be you need to alter your dietary habits.

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    Only external application does not give satisfactory results unless the root contribute [internal disorder] is removed. To combat the internal disorder, you may use oral medicine that your doctor can prescribe which effectively controls the problem from the root, along with external application like hair vitalizes which nourishes the hair roots and in that way restrict the hair fall. In addition, you have to take a balanced diet, avoid taking excessive oily and spicy food and remain tension-free which will improve your hair texture. Try.

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    falling few hair daily is natural phenomenon.first make sure you don't have dandruff.use coconut and almond oil it may help

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    My grandfather and my father are both bald and I am afraid I will become too. I am not sure it will be bad, because some people look nice without hair. I will try your advices, guys.

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    I've used a natural oil product for hairfall- postpartum- and it was very helpful, a littl bit of receding hairline also went bakc.

    Recently i had to order again, as I got lot of hairloss after a perm -now its way more expensive.
    Its on called natural hairgrow
    and yes it worked, I am getting lesser hair on my hairbands, and texture of damaged hair is also very much better- and can see less breakage.

    It works pretty good and I even sent 1 bottle to my mom in India and she said some little patches in her hair were getting smaller and her hair is growing bit longer which hasnt for some time.

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    One of the best natural conditioners for hair is eggs. Apply egg to your hair half an hour before a wash, and then apply shampoo warm water. Do this once a week.This will also help hair grow longer and stops fall.

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    yea eggs do much better as it contain many nutrients...

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