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Thread: Accessories

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    Default Accessories

    What are your favorite accessories that you never forget to wear while going out?

    I love to wear a watch, carry a bag/tote with me, wear sunshades in summer and long ear-rings. How about you?

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    I'd have to say sunglasses because I think I look good in them, and my cowboy boots. I love em, my wife loves em. And a purple hair tie, I have long hair and my purple hair tie is my lucky charm.

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    I always take my little white hand bag and a brown pony tail holder. Sometimes I won't pull my hair up though, but I'll still have it around my wrist just in case. I can't wear watches for some reason. They make my wrist itch too badly.

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    What I love most are my watch and my bracelet. I don't have many accessories but I just can't leave without this 2. I miss wearing them since I am not going out often lately.

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    i have to have my scarf. sheer summer scarves over a burn-out tank top in the summer, or metallic scarves with my wool coat in the winter. i have to have it!

    oh and stillettos don't hurt either.

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    I have a favorite pair of diamond earrings that I wear all the time except to the gym. I also can't go out without my watch. I find it weird how other people can go out without having a watch. I guess they don't follow a strict schedule. Or they can always look at their mobile phones. I'm not really an accessories girl, I'd rather keep my look simple. I find it very difficult to always coordinate my outfit and bag and shoes with my accessories, so simple accessories work best for me.

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    I love to collect a cd/vcd game...i have many cd/vcd game!!

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    I cannot leave the house without my wedding ring. And my engagement ring when it fits. I also have to have my Ipod to listen to in the car.

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    Usually the most common women accessories are fashionable jewelry. But at presents the next trend is after that is fashionable gadgets like smart phones iPhone, iPad etc.They love to keep branded and fashionable products and gadgets. As well as jewelry.
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    Nice bump! This should make an interesting read.

    I actually don't "accessorize" that often, lol. I think it might be because I live in the southern U.S. I do have one little quirk, though. If I wear my hair completely down, I absolutely MUST have some sort of pony tail holder on my wrist for emergencies. I get into dirty/physical activities too often, and it's very hard to wash mud out of your hair. I learned this lesson the hard way. :P

    When I'm dressed up nice and girly (which isn't too often, I'm sorry to say) I have a small black purse that acts as a sort of security blanket. It goes with any outfit, and it's just big enough to fit all my sundries into. I love it! Don't know what I'd do without it!

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