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Thread: No Dark Cicrles

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    Default No Dark Cicrles

    By drinking atleast 2-4 litres of water a day and alteast 7-8 hrs undisturbed sleep you can get rid of these dark circles below your eyes....

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    in some cases this works but not for people who have been handed this down from their parents genes. it is a good strategy for those who work too hard and don't get enough sleep.

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    That is one point for dark circles. Drinking lot of water and sleeping is a good thing but it is not possible to clear this dark circle.
    *take cucumber gel or potato paste in a cotton and put under eye for 4-5 times in a day. sure you will get a good result.

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    Yes, I agree that water can help to get rid of those dark circle thing. But still, I think you still need to put extra efforts to really make it work. I suggest try to use cucumber or any herbal product that you think is best for your eye bags.

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    Yes, it is hard for any of us to get 7 to 8 hours sleep a night. I am lucky if I get 4 hours of sleep!!

    Cucumber or potatoe slices work wonders for baggy tired us but like Brenda has previously noted some people inherit dark circles and that is a problem that is harder to solve, if not impossible. One may have to just use a concealor to cover up those dark circles.

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    a gel roll with caffeine works too!

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    Sleep isn't always the answer to dealing with dark circles under the eye. It could be due in part to a lack of Vitamin C in someone's diet. I would suggest using a vitalizer serum. It contains vitamin C that will replenish and hydrate your skin as well as reduce the appearance of dark circles under the eye. Hope this helps
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    Getting a proper sleep may not be the exact alternative for this problem but it can help in reducing dark circles. You need to tone up the muscles near your eyes .The muscle toning efficacy of Deanol, present in ********, gives a natural lift to your eyes, reducing eye puffiness. It also reduces crow’s feet around eye.

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    drink plenty of water and coffee may help...

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    I also have dark circles (but have them because of lack of sleep) and I use Maybelline 2 in 1 Concealer. I'd really recommend it because the concealer part gets rid of the dark circles; but it also comes with a highlighter part that you can put on after the concealer to make your face seem brighter. I really like this product because it is not thick or cakey but makes your face look bright and awake. I hope this helped!! Good luck ;)

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