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    Default Keratosis Removal Using Hydrogen Peroxide

    Hi, my name's Bob, and I live in southern California. I've had a "keratosis" problem for many years, and they seem to be multiplying. My strong desire to rid myself of these extremely gross-looking "critters" prompted me to do some extensive online research to find "natural" ways of removing them, instead of having them surgically scraped off, or frozen with liquid nitrogen ( I've had that done several times), etc. After reading many articles that suggest leaving them alone - because they usually aren't cancerous. To me, that is not an option! I decided to try using 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) to rid myself of the beasts. Treatment with H2O2 is highly controversial, and it may not be for you, and to add insult to injury, most health insurance companies won't pay for their removal - if your only reason for wanting them removed is for cosmetic reasons. Since many other people are looking for a cure, I decided to share my experiences to create a web page that includes life-size photos of me, taken after each day of treatment, and the results I have experienced so far. If this site's moderators will allow the inclusion of my website address, you can view my blog at[ link under review]

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    Default seborhheic keratosis

    Hi Bob!! I started my treatment with 35% food grade hydrogane peroxide 3 days ago. The first 2 days the keratisis turned white become more dry but the skin around them came back to normal. On the 3rd day the burning was much stronger and the skin aroun keratisis turn white too and it stayed like that for a long time. Now the spots are red and looked burned. I'm affraid to try it for the 4th time!! I've read you should put lotion to the skin before the application of 35% hp to protect from burning ?? Some say you should only do it one time a week??
    Help!!! I can not see your pictures??
    Thank you

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    I'm not sure if that works.. but i have seen many people using h2o2 for seborhheic keratosis home remedy. But before you proceed such therapy u should know that your lesion are seborhheic keratosis and not others.

    As 35% hydrogen peroxide may be corrosive so u should always apply with care. Yea always apply protective creams and lotions so u may not damage the surrounding skin. I don't think there are any scientific evidences that h2o2 treats seborrheic keratosis, its just few people with some good testimonials, so be aware about that. Try it yourself safely and lets see the result that other people are claiming to be. It could just be safe remedy when used correctly.

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    People using hydrogen peroxide to remove keratosis hydrogen effects it on but little because there is no more number of antiseptic formulas that vanished the germs of keratosis.

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