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    I have this big problem with my maid, she has back neck pain and I have her checked. But she wasn't able to see the doctor for that kind of problem. Instead she consulted the pedia of my sister in law. Then the doctor told her that her back neck pain could be the cause of her eye problem. her bp that time was okey. The doctor said if she's not high blood then she could be anemic. I really need help Im tired of paying for her expenses in the hospital without really knowing what's the real condition. I wanna know whom to consult and what is the cause of having back neck pain? And more, she also told me that she's not having a headache only the pain at the back of her neck and the doctor gave her pain reliever to help her out.

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    how long has her neck and back hurt? how old is she? if she has constant back pain then maybe she is addicted to pain relievers and when you are adicted you need more and more. my suggestion is to have blood tests done, make her go to a doctor or tell her she will have to find another job. she might truly have back pain, i have an arthritic back and i am always in pain but you learn to deal with it. if this is something that just started happening maybe she hurt her back but she should have it checked out first by a credited doctor and then a orthapedic doctor. she better have something checked out soon because it can lead to nerve damage and she can't work with the pain.

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    The pain reliever would help but it doesn't give a lengthy remedy. Maybe you can suggest her to do some muscle flexing, that way, she can put her nerves back to place.

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    As of now brenda I think she is fine. She never mentioned her neck again suffering with pain . She just took the pain reliever for about one week and until now she hasn't complain yet. And I think it is better off like that. Dont worry I'll just take your advice if something happens to her again.

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