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    Default Sunblock and Sunscreen?

    I've been bad. I rarely use sunblock and sunscreen, especially since I live in southern California when it's often sunny outside. I don't use it mainly because of the oily, icky feeling of it.

    Are there products that helps block the UV rays of the sun and don't have the oily, icky feeling of it?

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    There are many sunscreen products out there. If you are finding them oily perhaps you are using too much. Perhaps use a little less.

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    neutrogena has sunscreen that isn't too oily. there are also the sprays that are dry when they evaporated. aveno has some good ones also. the rule of thumb is 1/4 tsp for the face and 1/4 tsp for the neck. the rest you can just judge. apply 1/2 hr before you go out in the sun. allow the sunscreen to sink into the skin. reapply after swimming or perspiring a lot. it is a pain in the but i know but this is the way to keep from getting skin cancer.

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    Thanks. Those are indeed very helpful.

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    I'm not a big fan of sunscreens too - they are pain in the lower back to apply, then they feel heavy on your skin... But they are necessary to protect your skin for sunburns and cancer.
    I agree with Brenda - Neutrogena makes very good sunscreens.

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    I feel the same way. If I could avoid using a sunscreen I would but I know how imperative they are to my skin so I use them daily. You have to find one that works well for you. I use one that is oil free so it isn't doesn't feel too bad on my skin. Be careful though, look at the product carefully, you don't want a bunch of chemicals on your skin if you can avoid it.

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