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    Default Any views on Tretinoin?

    I just wondered if anyone here has used Retin A or any product containing Tretinoin whether for acne/scaring or as a wrinkle cream? Also please comment if you have a view of this product either positive or negative.

    I ask because I am approaching 40 and have pretty good(ish) skin for my age. My only problem is scaring from teenage acne. It was so severe for many years I have tried every cream, tablet etc that was about.The only thing that actually made a huge difference was a long course of Roaccutane. Now my skin is ageing I feel the scars (although minor) are more prominent.
    I read about Retin A for a long time and decided I would give it a go. As it is a prescription only medicine here I had to purchase one online from abroad. I wasnt even sure it would get through customs but it did.
    Anyway I have been using it now for about 2 months starting off every few days like advised until now I use a tiny amount every day.
    I didn't feel it was working at first and I didnt suffer this excessive dryness that most people reported, (I did start on the 0.025% cream) but now it seems to have worked wonders. I follow a very strict cleansing and moisturising routine and I seem to be reaping all the benefits without the side effects. This still amazes me as I suffered horrendous dry skin on every inch of my body when taking Roaccutane.

    So yeah any feedback on this, good or bad I would like to hear.

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    tretinoin is very good to help reduce scarring from acne and to help wrinkles. i would start with it mixed in with other ingredients. it can be harsh on some peoples skin. i just got an eye cream with it in to help me. i am beyond help though i am 61!!!. i have read much on retin a and i work at a pharmacy. it is a good product but like i said use it wisely.

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    i would go for a positive view. if you use it wisely its a miracle drug . Many people fails to benefit from it because they don't use it wisely and don't follow strict cleansing and moisturising routine and some people think more is good and quick so they suffer from irritation, dry skin and so so.. as u have followed a strict routine and started with low dose thats giving u wonder results.

    Always remember " moisturize" " use only at nights" " start with low dose" " avoid waxing,Tweezing or threading during medication" "avoid during pregnancy"..

    If used wisely topical Tretinoin is a miracle drug for anti-aging,wrinkles,acne,scarring and brown spots.

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    Thank you for your replies. I read so much about it before I bought some and everywhere stated that small amount is better. I was also fearful of suffering bad irritation so I did start off with very little and slightly increased amount as the weeks went on although I am still only using a small amount and only where needed.

    Vencasand, you say you would advise to mix it with other products. Do you mean a moisturiser? When reading up about Retin A there were some people who would do this but they were using it purely as an anti wrinkle cream. From what I read it works better if you wait at least half an hour after cleansing before applying it and before anything else is applied to the face. Then the longer you can go before you apply serum, moisturiser, etc the better it works. I try to wait at least an hour after applying it and I dont know if that has helped me notice good result faster or not.

    Deepak, I read many years ago that one shouldn't use wax on the face as when you pull the strips off you pull the skin and can speed up the wrinkle effect.
    I use a very mild hair removal cream with aloe vera and vitamin E and I never go over the time stated for use. I do notice after using this my skin feels somewhat drier on the area of use but by not using the Retin A that evening this is gone within a couple of hours and I'm ok to use the Retin A the next evening.

    I also read it can be used on the hands for age spots. I don't have these yet but I am looking into if I start now will it delay them or is is better to use small amounts as they appear.

    From the result I have experienced I would highly recommend this product but I would stress you need to read up on it and like Deepak says use it only as advised. I have found some fantastic sites for advice on using it if anyone would like the links, I'm not sure if I am able to post it here. Its not a retail site it is purely someone who has taken the times to write a lot on the product itself.

    Again thanks for the comments.

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    I have posted a link that says it all with respect to using Retin-A. I found it very helpful when I first started using Retin-A and pass in it on to others who have questions.

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    I love Retin-A so much. I couldn’t really afford to use it in the States like I wanted. I am working in Thailnd for a bit and can get it so much cheaper here. I was selling it on Ebay but it is not allowed anymore (my feedback is still there for reference). I can sell it for $19.99 and $3 shipping ( 0.5% or 0.25% 20 Grams). I sold several and have a Paypal account.

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    Why can't you sell it on Ebay any longer? Is it because in many countries we need a prescription?

    I have gotten mine from India but now they have to mail it to the States then to Canada so it takes about 6 weeks to get to me.

    You are so right, it is very expensives in Canada and the US.

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    You can no longer sell on Ebay as it is classified as a prescription item (which is not allowed). It sounds like your Retin-A sees the world before it gets to you! Is it pretty cheap in India? I was just so excited to find it here in Thailand. And it's not the generic brand. I had tried that a few times and just did not see the results I was use to seeing. I want to try it on my eye area but am reading that may not be a good choice. I abused the sun in my 20's and have brown spots and the Retin-A is taking them away so the eyes were my next area to try for wrinkles!

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