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    Default How to get rid of stress

    I am very stressful now a days without any reasons at all. I wanna know how to get rid of stress or if not how to just lessen it. Perhaps some of you can give me some tips on how.

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    relieving stress is a full time job in my life. you are young and have a lot more opportunities than i do. yoga, walking, reading, start a hobbie, like painting pictures, pottery making, take deep breaths and count to ten. don't dwell on what is stressing you it only makes the stress worse. take your son for walks. don't forget the sunscreen!!!

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    Brenda, great advice for stress reduction. Exercise is so important to relief stress and depression. Hobbies keep you mind busy on other things so we don't overthink something (which women do so well - overthink).

    Chinee concentrate on your son. Take him to places and meet other moms with kids his age. You will be surprised at how your life will change once you get involved in kids activities. They have a way of putting our lives in perspective.

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    yup .. thats for sure unless u keep busy yourself with something u never gonna get relief from stress.. do some exercise, meditations.. and so so.. yea its time to be happy with your with to your husband about your family and u r going through,,he is the real reliever.. share with your husband you will find much stress free..

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    Meditation and Yoga is the best solution for Stress

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    Stress is an extremely common issue with most people. The best way to combat is to think that there have been issues earlier on in life and you have surpassed them all. So, the present reason for stress will also dissappear.

    Take time to listen to some good music and catch on with movies and stuffs like that. Even a vacation or a day out with loved ones should work well.

    At times, it does happen that stress becomes prevalent for no reason at all. Concentrate on your lifestyle. I'm sure you'll discover something is amiss. Make the corrections and enjoy life. Anxiety is a part of everyone's life. So just don't bother, this will pass away soon.

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    Meditation and Yoga help a lot to get rid of the Depression problem.

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    Hi All,
    To reduce stress do call your best frend and share your tensions with him/her.
    Do take deep breath in open air, better do regular exercise,
    Do watch any comedy film or your favorite program.
    Do watch what you are eating, reduce sugar, carbs, alcohol and caffeine from your diet.

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    I guess the discuss is extremely fruitful and every body is trying to convey his message to relieve your tension.Take time to listen to some good music and catch on with movies and stuffs like that. Even a vacation or a day out with loved ones should work well.

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    some more tips to get rid from stress are mention below...
    1) Exercise
    2) Yoga
    3) Stretch
    4) Massage
    5) Laugh
    6) Take a break from normal routine

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