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    Default Cost of laser hair removal in india

    How much does laser hair removal normally cost in india.Can it be done in young.i'm just 20 yrs old girl and live in Mumbai.

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    Haven't done any hair removal cause i'm a man and in india girls love normal hair
    but it normally costs around 5000-7000 Rupees and depends on individuals hair growth.
    you can visit ****clinic near you and get help.

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    It all depends upon the area where you want to get the hair removal done and also upon your hair growth rate. On an average for facial hair removal, it can cost you anywhere between 3000 INR-5000 INR depending upon how many sittings are required to get all your hair follicles destroyed permanently to stop further hair growth.

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    Right said Alice!
    It depends on which area/locality your parlor is located in.
    Make sure you go with a reputed one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sabina View Post
    How much does laser hair removal normally cost in india.Can it be done in young.i'm just 20 yrs old girl and live in Mumbai.
    Generally it costs around Rs.5000/- to Rs.20000/- per sitting depending on the kind of laser system you choose. I my opinion, NDYAG laser is the best and it is about Rs.1000/- per sitting.

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    Thanks all for your suggestion,i have decided to go for **** Clinic..They are good as other peoples say..,but just thinking ,haven't still made my mind to take a date for laser hair removal.

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    I must warn you though that laser removal is very painful and sometimes not even guaranteed. I have heard of cases where hair has grown back on the areas where laser was done. The charge is usually for per square inch of skin. So go for smaller patches like the upper lip.

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    Laser is not completely safe.But **** skin care is best in india and they could help u.

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    Default I found something for you!

    In response to your question, I found a link that may answer about the price. Not sure if it is a valid quote, but it should give you a ballpark figure amount.

    25,000 of your currency I think I read. Not sure if that is expensive or not, but I know of a place here in America that does great work. Check them out, their name is Baywood Clinic. I like them a lot.


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    Thank you john nice find. I'll check it out.
    I love My Skin

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