Can someone help me figure out what is going on with my skin and what type of skin do I have. In the last two years something happened to my chin. I have large pores all over my face but the chin as slightly smaller ones. Every couple of days I get this weird grainy texture all over. I have to literally take the edge of my tweezer and flick out a small grain or pebble out of tons of pores. What are these and is my skin oily, dry or dehydrated? I cant go one day without these building up..Sometimes they are sitting right in the pore and they easily come out because they are not covered by anything. The ones in my chin are different. I have to use my blackhead extractor or use my thumb nail to gently push up on the clog and a squishy plug will come out. The pore is then clear for a day or so and the cycle starts again.

I have tried leaving them alone but I end of with hundreds of clogs that need to be dug out. I am currently using a gentle cleanser from Garden of Wisdom called Mild & Clean. It is very gentle and doesnt irritate the rosacea I have. I have tried moisturizing these plugs in an effort to trick my skin into thinking it doesnt need to expell so much oil but this just makes things worse. Here is a list of things I have tried to prevent them and a list of things I put on after I expel the plug in hopes of them not coming back.

I have also recently had two Dermasweep treatments all over, two VBeam treatments and two Smoothbeam treatments. Ive also had one sal. acid peel. None have done anything.

Products Used in the past two years:

Finacea Gel
Paulas Choice BHA 1% Lotion and Gel
Ziana Gel
My Mychelles Skin Clearing Serum
Mandelic Acid 5% and 10%

Oral Supplments and Perscriptions
Spironolactone(currently on 75mg down from 100mg)
Vitamin B5
Fish Oil
Flaxseed Oil
Evening Primrose Oil
Vitamin D3
BioIdentical Hormone Replacement Cream

I have changed my diet 9 months ago to a relatively gluten free diet, no sugar, good grains, lots of veggies/fruits and no dairy. I also only drink bottled water. My one vice is a black cup of coffee with Stevia in the morning.

Every night is the same as the last and I have sought so many derms and a naturopath who has now referred me to someone who specializes in Ayuvedic Medicine. I dont have one treatment that has worked and dont know what to try to alleviate or change this and cannot see my life like this. The constant picking out of pores is not normal by any means. What else is there to try for me?