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    Default Continual itchy skin problems on finger

    Hello, im new to this forum so o easy on me.

    I have had a problem with my little finger for about 5 years now where I seemed to develop a form of dermatitis.

    My finger goes through several stages and I experience different problems. Ultimately, this goes round in a circle of about a week and I have had this consistently for the last 5 years!

    Firstly, finger looks reasonably normal albeit a little swollen and there are flakes of dry skin etc but other than that looks quite normal. Then all of a sudden I would develop an incridible itching sensation where you the only way for this to calm is to rub / scratch it on clothes (jeans etc). I also found that running it under a very hot tap gives it a sense of relief. After both outbreaks, the finger swells dramatically and the skin sweats and blisters badly.

    Within a day of this, the skin is very tender and starts to dry out and subsequently cracks at the joints and is really uncomfortable.

    I then have to deal with not bending my finger until it heals and then skins starts calming down, swelling goes down a bit and finger returns to almost normal.

    Then the circle starts again. This generally takes a week and I have had this constantly for 5 years. My GP just says it is dematitis and gives me hydrocortisone. I have tried changing washing powder, shower gel hand creams, you name it!

    I am 28 now and the conditions started at 23. At 21 i started wearing a gold signet ring on my finger which I never had a problem with until 23. At that point I stopped wearing the ring. Also at this time my job was extremely high stress and coupled with this at this time I developed dermatitis around my eyes and forehead (this has only gone in the last year or so) I am sill in a high stress job and wonder if this has some affect.

    Also I got married at 27 and initially wore a tungsten wedding ring that give me a massive allergic reaction (nikel) and soon changed it for a titanium one. However as this is my left hand in question, my wedding ring finger is also affected by this itching condition.

    Can anyone explain this condition and how I am get rid of / control it.



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    time to see a dermatologist or an allergist. the gp is good but he is quessing what your problem is. an allergist or derm will hopefully know for sure. best of luck to you and please let us know how it is going.

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    it might be pompholyx also known as dyshidrotic eczema or vesicular eczema!

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    I'm guessing from you saying you've seen your GP that you are in the UK. If this is the case then to the others it is very hard t get a referral to a specialist. This can only be done after the GP exhausts all avenues.
    When I was diagnosed with psoriasis I went through loads of creams before I got referred to a derm. Maybe its time to see your GP again to let him know the cream you have isn't working. I would persevere with this either until something works or you get a referral.
    Stress does pay a huge factor although that is hard to avoid completely. You could also try E45 for itch relief. I got one that is in a tube which I find helps if my psoriasis flares up. If you have a good pharmacist he may be able to recommend something too.
    Sorry I cannot offer any better help and I wish you luck. I know from experience how sore this can be.

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