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    Default rash on inner thighs... creams not working

    Hi everyone... i have some type of rash on my inner thighs and i can't get rid of it. Can you help me identify it before i have to go to the doctor?

    I'm 22 years old, male, shower daily (evening), basically no physical activity outside of general walking place to place, and as of last year, STD-free (with same sex partner since 2006).

    Symptoms first started this August (4 months ago) two days into a trip i was taking on the other side of the country. I noticed a little itching on my left thigh, the skin looked "wrinkled" in appearance and was a little red. Thinking it was simply dry skin, i showered and applied regular hand lotion to the area before bed. Next morning, it was MUCH worse. In the days after i used cortisone-10 cream and i guess it went away (i didn't notice the rash more than a day or two after that).

    Rash went away completely (for about 4 months) up until about 2 weeks ago. Tried the cortisone cream for a few days, but the rash didn't go away. Googled it, thought it might be "jock itch" so i bought 2 types of antifungal creams; lamisil and tinactin. Tried both for several days, and i SWEAR, it made the rash worse. So much so that it's now on BOTH inner thighs and even started spreading onto my scrotum; but just a dime size red area.

    Realizing that the cream was only making it worse, i bought tinactin antifungal "powder spray". Have been using this product for several days, but the rash hasn't gone away. It "goes away" for about a day, but the next day an area that seemed to dry up just turns red again. I'd say the powder spray "maintains" the rash, not making it any worse nor better.

    I've taken pictures of my inner thighs. It's looked like this for a few weeks. The only time it's at all itchy is when i wake up in the morning... during the day i don't notice it at all.

    Can anyone help me identify this rash? I'm hoping to find a cure without having to find a dermatologist. Thanks!

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    sorry, i am not a doctor but instead of trying to treat it yourself maybe go to a doctor. all the money you are spending on creams that don't work you could be spending on a doctor who can at least give you an idea what is going on with your thighs. doesn't look like ringworm but i really am not qualified to give a diagnosis anyway.

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