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    Default Dry Eyes

    Does anyone have a remedy for sore dry eyes. I have been using some drops for dry eyes bought over the counter, but they don't seem to be working.

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    there is a product that needs to be prescribed called restasis. it helps your tear ducts produce more moisture. also if you don't want to go to the doctor you could try the eye ointments. you use them at night so the can hold moisture in your eyes. you can't use them during the day because of the blurring they cause. but since your eyes are sore i would suggest you see a doctor.

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    Initial steps for remedies is to find out what is causing dry eyes and to treat the cause. If you have extremely dry eyes with or without other symptoms like soreness, dry mouth u should consult a doctor.

    Dry eyes can be due to various reasons like drugs (frusemide, diuretics, anti-hypertensives, birth-control pills, anti-depressants), allergies, thyroid problems,polycystic ovary syndrome, chronic smoking and many more. So.. any causative factors should be treated accordingly.

    For mild cases you can use some OTC tear drops. Over the counter tear drops does works but one products will not work for everyone.So you must experiment with those OTC drops and find the best one that works for you.

    Take a healthy diet and avoid smoking if u do. Give rest to your eyes and always remember to blink your eyes every 5 secs, it helps to regulate the moisture in your eyes. If using computer take 5 mins break between every 15-30 mins. In UK u are legally allowed to take 5 mins break every 30 mins if your jobs requires regular computer use.

    For chronic cases as brenda said, restasis works good, but.. yea, its a prescription drug. Anyway if ur problem is a chronic one i would suggest you to visit your ophthalmologist.


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    The pores under your eyelid may be blocked with sebum. My optometrist told me to soak a cotton ball in baby shampoo diluted with water....rubb the cotton ball several times across the eyelid. Do this several times a day for a week. The goal is to dislodge the substance blocking the pores.

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    Post Dry eyes

    If you use cold water to wash your eyes with in every hour you get relief in your eyes because i also face this problem some months ago. I use cold water and it really works.

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    **Aydan** Male

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    Do you mean that the skin above the eyes is dry or there some inner problem in retina or something. anyways chk the site there is a list with an eye cream just check if there is something helpful for you. I will be very happy if something cud work for for you there.

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