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    Default Transparent sunscreen at least SPF 40


    Anybody how know a good transparent sunscreen at least SPF 40 ? I haven't been able to find one, the only one I can find is with SPF20 "p20", it's totally transparent but I would like to find one that is at least SPF 40.

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    SkinCeuticals Sheer Physical UV Defense SPF 50, its transparent and works really well! its spf 10 higher than yours but i hope this helps. Also, i got it from they have great prices!

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    I've read that sunscreens using chemicals break down in UV light (the rays that cause aging)

    So I only use physical sunscreens now with zinc oxide or titanium dioxide. Plus my skin is soooo sensitive, so it stings if I apply chemical ones. In the past i used anthelios but also I couldn't reapply it over my make up. So it wasn't only damaging my skin, it was making it impossible to reapply. I can apply my physical sunscreens over make up/powder.

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    You really only need to use a SPF of 20. 30 SPF max. Anything higher doesn't really add much more protection and is just higher in chemicals

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    **Martin** Male

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    I need the transparent sunscreen for a big scar on my face from an accident some years ago, it makes it less noticeable when I use transparent sunscreen.
    On the rest of my face i use pysical sunscreen, SPF 50 as I suffer from pigmentation spots.

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    You can use products to remove pigmentation. I highly recommend using a vitamin c serum every morning. I would suggest that you stay out of the sun altogether. We all should

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