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    Default Nail Maintenance

    Maintenance of nails is vital. One can preventively maintain nails to avoid product lighting and formation of bacteria between the product and yourself.
    Do this by applying solar oil to your cuticles daily.
    Do not change your polish more than once a week for this can leave deposits on your nails.
    Spots on nails mean lack of the two minerals. Consume less sugar and less alcohol.To prevent breakages, keep your nails short, ensure your diet is full of proteins. Increase your intake of vitamins A, B, C, D and E.

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    Do not use glue on the nails. Dirt may be trapped by the repeated use of the glue. Re-breaking of the nail is possible too and that may result in further damage.

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    prasanth5 this is a good reason not to use glue on your nails but i don't think woman care. they just want to save their manicure!!

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    To maintain your nails, some simple and easy way to do them is always clean the inside of the nail, it is to avoid the possibility of bacteria, diligently cleaning the former nail polish, this is done if you have a hobby to change the color of your nail polish, for example, every once a week you will change your nail colors.

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    Also, it is important to allow the nails to breath/rest before re-applying nail polish. It helps prevent discoloration...

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    Its very important to maintain the nails because it gives our finger the real strength to do all works, so some more attention is needed for the maintenance of nails. The very famous way to keep it safe is only through nail polishes.

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    applying and massaging with a small amount of vitamin E oil around the nails and on the cuticles helps boost the look as well as the health of the nails. this also prevents chipping of the nails.

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    Have a healthy diet of foods under categories A, B, C, and D!

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    Thats a good tips ,thanks for making me aware of it.

    Nice tips to be aware of about the nails,thanks for sharing.
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    yes, glue used with fake nails can damage so much, my nails look horrendous after use, but I like to use them for occasions, maybe just once a month.
    Keeping them strong by file-ing them daily so they're nice and even, gently pushing cuticles back and applying base coat should keep them in good nick.
    Yes, don't make the same mistake I did; I always wore dark red polish without base coat on my toes and they always looked so yellow when I took it off!
    Stick to pale colours, or even better; nothing, or a base coat!


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