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    Default Spoon shaped nails

    Help.....Im new to the nail industry. i have a friend that has spoon shaped nails. When we put tips on the entire nail is pooing off after a few days. Can some one help with the best way to do her mails. And she a nail biter.

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    i can't really understand ur question, as i'm not into nail industry. But all i can say is spoon shaped nails are due to several systemic disorders like iron-deficiency anaemia, haemochromatosis, lupus,Raynaud’s disease and many more. Ask her to visit the dermatologist and treat it.

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    Make clear your question.It is not understandable. Try giving yourself a manicure once a week.

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    If you can not find tips that curl enough to stay on her nails can you not apply acrylic nails and shape her nails that way? Alternatively get her to apply 'stop and grow' to her nails every day to encourage her to stop biting them. Bitten nails are so ugly and false nails damage the nail and should be avoided whenever possible.

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