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Thread: Any ideas guys?

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    Default Any ideas guys?

    Hi. So Maybe around 10 weeks ago when i woke up in the morning, i noticed groups of what looked like tiny broken capillaries on my feet, around 3 of them grouped together the size small coins. Not on soles of feet either, but on the top. No itch or pain or anything when i touch or press down on it.

    after a few weeks of them not going away, i went to the doc who thought they were bruises. when after a few more weeks they didnt go away i went back recently and my blood is currently at the lab being tested. I have no other symptoms, feel normal, no other so called 'bruises' on my body (even tho i never recall hurting my feet in any way). they havent really changed colour much either, just red/orangish maybe a tiny bit darker now.

    any one know what this could be?

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    It could be just broken vessels. You should try using a vitamin C ointment or moisturizer on your foot and see if it gets rid of some of the redness. Check out **** store for some great products that contain vitamin C along with many other natural ingredients and products.

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    yup could be broken capillaries or spider veins.. Posting a pic would be great to suggest better.. Several treatment options are available depending on your conditions lasers works great for small veins and Sclerotherapy works good for larger veins..

    Laser Spider Vein Removal

    Sclerotherapy for Spider and Varicose Vein Removal

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