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    Default I can't figure out what this is?????


    I have this strange bump that's on my cheek that isn't a pimple or mole. It has no abcess or pus in it either. It feels like the texture of skin. It doesn't itch or hurt either. It seems to be getting a bit bigger or maybe it's just because I keep messing with it. Here's the pic of it. I hope it's not skin cancer.

    The picture is kind of blurry, it's a little more defined than that.

    Btw, you can see the bump better if you step back from the screen a bit.

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    I'm not sure what that is but I would recommend that you go to a doctor or dermatologist and get it checked out. Good Luck

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    No offense to the reply to my post, but seriously??? The whole reason why I came to this board is GET an answer! I figured...DERMA (SKIN) talk, how could I possibly go wrong. Someone HAS to have at least ONE professional opinion since it is a SKIN message board dedicated to SKIN issues. Wow, so nobody knows what this could be?

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    Hello. I am not a skin expert so cannot offer any diagnosis to your problem but I personally would take any unusual growth seriously to rule out a tumour whether benign or cancerous (some benign tumours can turn cancerous over time). I myself have overactive scar tissue and if I cut myself I can form similar type skin growths when healing. If though, yours is not due to an injury, it would be better to get it checked out by someone who can examine it and maybe take a biopsy, should it warrant that.

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    Definately should get it checked out. Seriously, I hope you didn't think you would get a diagnosis on this board or any board. No reputable professional would do that. Pepsimax has given you the best advice possible. I suggest you take it. Your picture is not clear either even if one stands back.

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    hi there!
    The picture of you have posted is very blur a better picture could have been more helpful. i would like to know for how long do you have this lesion? any obvious change in shape size, color and nature since than? Is the surface smooth or pearly?This could be nodular basal cell carcinoma or intradermal melanocytic nevus? i suggest you to stop messing with it with your hands coz its easy to turn malignant, also consult a dermatologist and have excisional biopsy done to determine the nature of the lesion.

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    I have an appointment with a dermatologist next month. I already went to see my primary care physician who said that she's no dermatologist but is almost certain that it's what's called a "nevi". I said why is it not dark like a mole, and she said that some nevi's are skin toned. It feels just like part of my skin, has no puss, doesn't hurt, and is pretty much the same size still. She referred me to a dermatologist just to be 100% sure.

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    You do not need to worry much coz both condition are absolutely curable,but early intervention is just what is required.Hope u will let us know about about the result.

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    My doctor told me that the only alternative is surgical removal, but most people just choose to leave it there because of what could result in the removal. She said that the Nevi is basically a mole, and it's benign and no treatment is necessary, only if the person chooses to surgically remove it. I'll defnitely find out for sure what to do and what exactly it is once I see the dermatologist in about 2 weeks.

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