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    Unhappy Severe Nodulo Cystic Acne Problem from last 9 years

    I am 23 years old male. I am suffering from severe acne problem from last 9-10 years. I started getting acne when I was in 8th or 9th class. I have visited a number of dermatologist and have been through many treatments but nothing has worked well. I have tried both allopathic and homeopathic medicines but no luck. I have a severe case of Nodulo-cystic acne (as written by my dermatologist on my records). I get these cystic acne on my cheeks (both sides) or my between my jawline and neck. My skin is very very oily and I don't have severe dandruff issue but yes I get them if I travel on road. Which I think is normal isn't it ?
    I will try to summarize my treatment so far.
    During the initial year I have taken many medication which I don't remember as my father was taking care of the records and two times the acne was so severe and non responsive that the doctor has to operate on it. I don't remember the names of the medicines which I was taking in the initial year but I think it was isotetrine and some salicylic acid facewash.
    In 2005-2006 I switched to allopathic for few months but that was also a waste.
    In June 2007 I visited another dermatologist (from here I have prescription papers with me). She writes "Multiple crythematous papules, nodules cyst and comedons B/L cheeks. Nodulo-cystic acne"
    She suggested me Acutret, Azivok, Facelin gel, Fyret cream, Spelac face wash. Also she gave few Fricort (16mg/ml) injections 6-7 times on the cyst so that it subsides quickly. I have also been through Glycolic peeling under her.
    I noticed a little improvement in my conditions but nothing much.
    Then I moved to a different state for my engineering and consultant another dermatologist there. (Oct 2007)
    He strictly told me that i should not go with any kind of injections on cyst as they may cause reaction leading to white patches etc on my skin. He suggested me Minoz OD and Isoace during the inital days with Acnex soap and Apalence c gel. After few days he suggested me to stop capusles and just go with the creams Glyco-A, Trewor and Clindac -A gel. I noticed a decent improvement better than anything in last 2-3 years. But i used to get big cystic acne they have not stopped. Whenever they used to come the doctor asked me take Minoz OD and sometimes Nizithro 500mg and Isoace. I have also taken Lotila and Eratin under his prescription.

    From 2010 I stopped visiting any dermatologist or taking any medication I still get big cystic acne and whenever I get them I take Minoz OD 100mg 10 capsules and wait for it to subside on its own.

    Currently my skin is full of sever pimple marks and I do get small acne every week and large cystic acne once or twice in a month which lasts for 15-18 days.
    I feel very depressed and lack confidence to go in social events because of my face
    I have lost all hopes on medication and I think I have to live this cruel thing my whole life. But a small part of me still hopes that a miracle will happen and I will be free from these annoying pimples I am writing this post in hope of such miracle. So if any one of you can help me with correct medication then I will be very thankful to you.

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    **Charlotte** Female

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    Sorry to hear about your long term troubles.
    I won't then suggest that you go see a dermatologist, as obviously you've had your fill of them and their myriad of medications.
    I will instead provide you with a quote from a study I read. You can get a link to it here and read the entire thing yourself.
    "In general, doctors tend to dismiss the possibility of a causal link between the diet and the incidence of acne. However, a large body of scientific evidence now supports such a link" ........"a study of 47 acne patients confirmed a causal link between diet and acne"......."Subjects who followed this diet showed immediate improvement in symptoms and eventually became completely clear of acne."

    Good luck with it. I wish you well.

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    Hello Rock and welcome. I am just sorry its not nicer things that has brought you to our site. I do want to offer you some advice but I have just read your post and its just after 1am for me so I will reply in full later after I can read your post again in detail. You will get replies suggesting you eat more fruit and veg and drink water but I know first hand this doesn't cure the type of acne you have.
    A couple of quick questions. How is your health in general? Do you get things like colds easily? Are you on any other medication? You say your skin is oily, is this the general condition of your skin all over or do you have excess dry patches?
    I'm not a doctor but I may have a suggestion you could look into. Will post in full later.

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    Hi rock! Yes, please do answer Nikki's questions patiently ,which is also very important to suggest you with some solution. I have also read briefly the medication used by you from the beginning .you seemed to have used different steroids, antibiotics,retinoids by various methods. I am not sure if you have undergone any fungal testing. As you have already used all the medication except antifungal medication which can also cause nodulocystic acne so u can give try by choosing one inflammed acne and try using 1% terbinafine cream twice a day for few days and see if its getting better. Besides acneiform eruption may also be caused as a side-effects to different medications like steroids taken for different systemic disease. Lastly you can also undergo hormonal testing to see the levels of androgen (male hormone)in your bloods coz excessive androgen can also aggravate acne in men.
    Hope u will keep us updating about your condition.
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    Hello again Rock. Sorry I didn't reply before now but had computer problems.
    I had a similar problem to you when I was younger. From a teenager I suffered acne and occasionally I would get a cyst/boil type lump, sometimes with a head other times without. I exhausted most creams and tablets until I got referred to a dermatologist (the system is different here).
    Eventually I was prescribed Accutane which over time helped. The only thing is this drug carries with it some side effects which 'must' be checked out first. Its maybe something you can look into (along with Saiyans suggestions) on the internet and gather information on before going back to see a derm. I would 'never' recommend this is even considered for regular acne but for me the only thing that helped was this. The side effects were horrific to me (severe dry skin all over the body) but this was nothing compared to the pain I suffered with the cysts/boils I suffered. I don't know the effects on a male but I do know the drug can cause birth defects on a unborn child so a woman has to be clear of the drug before getting pregnant. As I say it is maybe something you can look up and read about and if you feel its something that could help you, you could maybe see a derm. Once you get your acne under control its easier to work on treatments to lessen the scaring.
    Keep in touch here because majority of the regulars will be able to offer you some advice along the way.

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