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    Default Save your hair before its too late.

    Ok, baldness may be your destination. But how long it takes to get there is optional. Because even if hair loss is unavoidable, it is also postponable. I believe that certain lifestyle factors can accelerate hair loss. Your diet, your job, even your choice of leisure activity may influence. So, what you can do to keep your hair as long as possible?

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    1. Try to keep your scalp clean more often by using mild shampoo and good conditioners.
    2. Don't pull your hair tightly and tie it.
    3. Wear a cap whenever you go out.
    4. Don't allow dandruff to creep into your scalp from others.
    5. Eat green leafy vegetable and drink lots of water.

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    The remedies that work for me are using herbal shampoos 3-4 times a week and cleaning hair with curd at least once a week.
    I also make sure to put some oild in hair to protect against dust.The dust is the major factor in causing infection and dandruff in the hair.

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    You can use fresh Aloe Vera gel constantly until your hair grows thicker. It is the natural and safest way to get your hair thick again.

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    I wish I found this forum before I started going bald.. I had lovely flowing locks & now am looking like Bill Bailey on a bad day..

    I just thought it was inevitable to be honest.. I miss it sometimes, but it gives me an excuse to buy beanies in the sale lol

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    god i don't want to be bald. imagine girls being bald.oh it looks so ugly.

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    Default Save your hair before its too late

    this is a moot question because it depends on your hair and what it looks like. the best person to ask is your stylist as forum members have no idea what your crop currently looks like


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    A bowl of yoghurt a day keeps grey hair away. Basically, you need to include vitamin B in your diet.

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    Hair loss treatment is necessary before it gets too late. Delay for hair loss treatment means baldness. You can opt for permanent treatment of hair loss that is Hair Transplant.

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    Well, nice tips..A bowl of yogurt to have as part of your diet is good but you know you can also massage your scalp by two to three tsp of yogurt to keep it dandruff free.

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