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    Default How much per months do you spend on skin care

    I usually spend around $200 its almost sufficient here in out Country for my skin.Just buy some regular daily use products.Some cosmetics and go to beauty parlour 2-3 time per months .

    So how much do you spend per months for your skin care.

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    If you're talking about makeup, then I spend a lot but it lasts for over a year most of the time. If I'm in need of new makeup products I can spend $200 in an hour, but I only buy again after a year. As for facial washes, astringents, lotions, and other beauty creams, I spend about $100 per month on those. It's quite expensive actually now that I've computed it. But I have to have good skin right? And I do use products that aren't very expensive, so it's okay. I think the most expensive items I've purchased are acne medicine and acne treatments at my dermatologist. I spend over $100 on acne products/treatments per month!

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    i don't think i spend that much, and i don't really think i want to calculate how much i spend...but i've gone to sephora about three or four times this summer so far...and every time i've spend about $50-$100, and its only been three weeks into the summer LOL

    i spend a lot. and i go every month or so.

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    Spending on skin care is sumthing which is unstopable among ourselves.the more new products are launched ..the more we get attracted to in dis similar fashion im currently spending around 8$per month.

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    WOW! I'm lucky to spend $20 a month on skin care. However, like I said in another post, I just don't have the time to do a lot of makeup. Some good soap and water are my best friends and I have radiant skin to boast about

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    The comestics companies are all laughing to the bank. Everytime they create a so-called new product, they will create a use for it and our skin-care budget just goes up and up.

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    I don't usually wear make up. I spend $80 on the average for my beauty regimens like facial cleanser, toner, moisturizer and sunblock.

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    I honestly haven't calculated how much I spend every month.

    But yes, there are some products that I regularly buy and they cost me around $300-400 every 40 days..

    I have a habit of adding and trying new stuff that inflates my expenditure however.

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    Hey Alice! I'd be curious on what you're spending that kind of money on and what your thoughts on these products are.

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    Wow! that is a huge amount of money, Alice. So I guess you already figured out what are the products that works best for you.

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