well, its been about 2.5 months since i was diagnosed with this condition, and the last dermatologist appt seemed a bit optimistic, as it was getting better. however, it is coming back on my wrists, elbows, ankles, and shins, and i even noticed a bit on my knees. i have still stopped taking LOX 5, which is a great natural anti-inflammation supplement, and after a few days, started noticing the swelling coming back. everything is still looking normal as far as tests go. ive really felt like trying to figure out what is wrong with me, as it seems most doctors dont really care to really try and find out. the cream and ointment isnt working, and the itching is coming back really bad. my breasts dont really feel dry, but they look dry in the photos. something new im noticing is that im getting red bumps near my groin scar. i wake up every day with a headache and like i havent slept at all, so all of this is really weighing on me.

heres the latest photo album of my condition