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    Default Is its Eczema Or Something Else

    Every summer my fiancee suffers from skin problems.She has sever pruritis and the condition gets worst as the days pass by.Is its eczema? What's the best way of diagnosis so that we can opt for the ultimate treatment?

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    Pruritus is a very common problem.Usually it is a symptom of underlying disease or a skin problem.But very often no cause or disease may be identified.

    You have not said if your fiancee has any skin rashes along with pruritus .How long has she been suffering from this problem?To be eczema,there should be some kind of skin rash.Severe pruritus may also be due to urticaria,in which case there are hives.

    If pruritis is severe at night and there are skin rashes in the finger webs,scabies has to be considered.

    Pruritus may also be due to dry skin.If there are no skin rashes,the systemic causes of pruritus such as jaundice,diabetes have to be ruled out.

    For proper diagnosis and evaluation,I would advice a dermatologist consultation.

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    Oh thanks for quick reply.Yea she also had some skin rashes.This usually comes every summer.She don't have any other disease like diabetes.well i also think eczema.we have appointment next week with dermatologist, will let you know what result will come.
    And thanks for the reply ,i really appreciated your fast reply.

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    I'm afraid I don't know exactly what it is. I recommend you see a dermatologist; uncommon skin problems are complicated to diagnose and require a specialist.

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    Well, you can identify eczema if there are these features present:
    1. Redness
    2. Itching (as in your case)
    3. oozing of water like fluid from the areas where your fiancee itches

    If all the three features are present along with the onset in some particular is more likely eczema. To confirm it, I'll suggest you to talk to your doctor.

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    Agreed I have suffered with eczema for several years and it can be a pickle to try to treat and keep free of. I use Emu oil for this and it has worked wonderfully for me and others that I know of. Of course get a diagnosis from your physician or dermatologist, but if that is the diagnosis you might want to try the emu to see if it will clear it up

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    I also flake and peel, which is another sign of eczema. I would also suggest a dermatologist. If you cannot, then maybe she should think about what she is coming into contact with in the summer that she does not any other times of the year. For me, tomato plants make my eczema worse.

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    Below are some remedies that may reduce inflammation and prevent further outbreaks. Before taking any of the following natural remedies, discuss your eczema treatment with your doctor.

    1.Evening Primrose Oil. Either take as a supplement or apply the oil to your skin.

    2.Eat foods that contain omega-3 fatty acids

    3.Lavender oil may improve skin rashes.

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    OMG so many answer.i was off the site for few months .sorry for that.thank you all for your answer.

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    You must get assurance first from a dermatologist if that is really an Eczema. If that is the finding, you can now heed the advices here in the forum.

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