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    Unhappy Spots due to having PCOS causing oily skin

    I have poly cystic ovaries which means my hormones are imbalanced. My skin gets quiet oily a lot and I wash my face with clearasil face wash and dab it with the clearasil liquid before bed also. It helps a bit but it just gets really oily again minutes after washing my face. I keep getting headless spots under my jaw line going onto my neck mainly and it's annoying me. I really need some advice. All I've been told is to buy expensive face powder from boots to stop my skin getting oily.

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    Hi Michelle! Can you post a good picture of the lesions under the jawline. Are the itchy? For how long do you have those lesions?

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    Clerasil and similar treatments won't help you if you have cystic acne.
    See a dermatologist, do a ovarian ultrasound (I hope that is the right term in english) and if you have indeed poly cystic ovaries you will get a treatment for this.

    Keep in mind that your acne is not a problem of your skin, is a problem from inside of your body.
    One of the most common cystic acne treatments are contraceptive pills. I won't recommend you anything, I will let your doctor to prescribe you the right contraceptive pills.
    Do you know what seborrheic keratosis is?

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    Default Pcos

    I definitely have polycystic ovaries. I was diagnosed when I was 21, I'm 32 now. I'm sick of taking pills and haven't done so for a while. I used to take microgynon, and metformin but I am gaining weight and it kills my sex drive. I'll do research into what i cna take other than drugs.

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    Hi Michelle and welcome to dermatalk. Have you spoke to your GP and tried any products they suggest? Is your acne worse at any particular time of the month?
    I am sure at your age you understand the importance of a balanced diet and avoiding trigger foods like fried and processed foods but if your GP surgery has a dietician then you may want to see them to get some advice. I understand that getting to see a derm in this country is not as easy as other countries so its best to see what your GP can offer first and once all avenues have been exhausted then a referral may be your best option. Sometimes we need a helping hand to get things under control and there are some great creams available now if you'd rather not take tablets.

    As Saiyan asked, if you can post some pictures then some advice can be given to you.

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