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    Default Can male use the same skin care products as women

    can men use the same skin care products as women? Or do men need something different for acne problems?

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    no its the same products,but depends on your skin type.For acne, treatment options are almost same as women.

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    I agree with the admin. If you are treating acne then men and women can both use the same products. If you're asking about facial wash, moisturizers and the likes, then the answer is no. Men have different needs and there are many facial products in the market that are made for men's use.

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    I also agree that it's more about what type of skin do you have and not whether it's a product for men or women. In fact, I really don't get those that advertise their products in that way... Aren't they limiting the money that they could be making?

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    I used to think that both men and women can use the same products until I read the literature regarding this, and it states that both men and women have a totally different set of regulations that control our skin. Men have different hormones that make their skin different as compared to women.

    Women, in general need milder products as compared to men.

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    in essence, human men and women have almost the same genetic composition. so those skin care products that i use, my brother could use. now..people in general have different skin types! so thats another thing to consider.

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    Alice, I'd be interested in seeing what you read. Not that I'm trying to be difficult here but it just doesn't make any sense to me and so I'd like to read it for myself.

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    I don't see why not. It's not as if our skin's different just because of our gender. But guys have slightly bigger pores in my opinion so they ought to use a toner that's formulated for men. Anyway, there are a lot of facial washes for guys in the market nowadays so it shouldn't be hard to find one. I know there are good ones Nivea, which Admin likes to use.

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    I'm like you I guess mimico... I don't see why people can't use the same products but I do know that there are a lot that are made just for men and just for women.

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    oh thank you all for your response.

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