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    Default milk in skincare

    Someone told me skincare with milk in it is good for all skin types -- even oily! I've seen a lot of milk-based products in stores recently and wonder if they work, or who they are best for. As I am concerned about wrinkles as well as acne I am looking for good combination skin products.
    What's the deal with milk? Is it just nice or does it do something?

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    Milk is good for many things and definitely it works for skin.It has been used for centuries in skin treatments. Milk are good to moisturize and heal your skin. Goat's milk are very good in skin handlings.

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    I am not sure if those companies really put the "real milk" in products;), but milk is really good for skin. It acts as a natural moisturizer.

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    milk makes your skin fair and white,my mother always tells me to drink lots of milk and i think it does make your skin white

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    I don't think milk will make your skin fair and white just because it's white and creamy looking. But it's good for the skin because it moisturizes and nourishes our skin. Some facial masks use milk as the major ingredient. i've never tried it, but I think it's really good.

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    I agree to milk as a good moisturizer. I used to apply fresh milk on my face 10-15 minutes before I wash it at night. It does wonders. And it makes it feel so soft and smooth.

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    Milk is good for skin. I use a Neutroslim Advance Nourishing masque. My skin is smooth, hydrated, and firmed.

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    I have used hand made soap that was made with goats milk in it and it really was nice on my face. It was very soothing and did not dry my face out. I have very sensitive skin and cannot use a lot of products at all on my skin period so I was thrilled when I found this soap!

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    Why is milk good for skin? I can't think of any slightly scientific reason except maybe the milk fats form an oil/fatty barrier on the skin and make it feel more supple (while also preventing water evaporation from the skin). But that's just a guess. In general, I am skeptical of milk-based skin care products. I think we all need to be careful not to be swayed by our emotional connection with milk as a nutritional food. Just because something is nutritious, does not mean it is good for your skin.

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    OK I researched this and am going to do a separate post with the info on this so everyone can get the benefit of it so look for it under Research Found How Milk Benefits Skin

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