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    Default Do girls Like boys with tattoos

    i have tatoo on my hand and some girls think that i'm a bad boy.Do having a tattoo means only for bad boys.

    How do you feel girls what do you prefer ? do you like boys with tatoo or not. and any boys here with tattoo?

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    I also have tatoo on my hand .i don't think tattoo is a bad thing as long as it looks nice.I have psoriasis on hand so i had a tattoo and it looks cool.

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    i don't actually like tattoo,but if he is good and has a cool tattoo not adult or sth i would accept him.

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    I like tattoos. I find them to be quite interesting, if not fascinating. A tattoo usually has a meaning to someone. And, to me, that means they have some sort of connection to something at least. (:

    By the way. I'm a female. Now, my boyfriend doesn't have any tattoos, nor do I. I would love to get a tattoo, and was going to a couple of years back... however, my boyfriend doesn't like them. ;/
    I'm in a similar situation, I guess. Haha. (:

    Anyhow... Tattoos are nice. Depending what they are. So long as they aren't offensive.

    By the way... What is your tattoo?

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    yea thats what i was also thinking its not bad to have tatoo.. my tatoo looks cool.

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    I also don't think having a tatoo is a bad idea.. I love it.

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    i like boys with tatoos

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    I have four tattoos. My husband does not have any. Honestly, if I had met him before I got them, I probably would not have them. I do not regret them, but I will not get anymore.

    I used to find tattoos on a man quite sexy. But now, I am all about how I am treated and could care less if the man has a tattoo or not.

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    i don't have tatoo nor planning for it.but i was a girl on butterfly tatoo on her back and it looked really good. so tattoo is fine as long as its simple and nice.

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    I don't think having tattoos will make you a bad boy. Some tattoos are just more tasteful than others. Tattoos can even make you look cooler. David Beckham has so many but his hotness is still up the roof...

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