Where to begin...

Greetings Everyone!

My name is Miranda. I'm nineteen years old. I currently reside in Ohio. I was born and raised in Orange County, California.

I'm not so sure how to write about myself. I mean, it shouldn't be so difficult since I've done it so many times in other places... but I'm lost in my head at the moment. So, I think I'll just post as bubbles. By bubbles, I mean...

-I love children and animals. I love being around them.
-I love learning, as well as teaching.
-I love to help people in any possible way I can.
-I like trying new things.
-I'll talk to anyone... even if they irritate me.
-I'm honest.
-I love doing research.
-I like read and write.
-I love to sing and dance.

My major hobbies include:
-Poetry (I write quite a bit)

I could go on and on, probably. But I think I'll stop there. I'm looking forward the the interaction between everyone. I hope I haven't frightened any of you away!

Thanks for reading... and God bless you! (: