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    **janine ann** Female

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    Feb 2014

    Default what i used to clear up my skin

    since i was 18 i have acne.. and it getting worst till i get to college.. at first i use many facial wash, many diy's and anything that have anti-acne products that are sale on the market.. i've already used all of that.. but there's nothing really works for me.. and sometimes it makes my skin so dry and itchy.. but one time my friend and i tried a clinical trial of company called jarviscosmetics.. their product made of natural herb thats why its safe to our skin.. it really clear up our skin.. even the acne on my neck.. its all gone.. but of course its not just that.. my lifestyle change too.. i avoid salty and i intake a lot of water and vitamin c.. exercise daily and always eat healthy food..

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    **Kollin** Female

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    Oct 2013


    You may try pure chimp super one to cleanse and moisturize your skin.l
    I have used it and like its effect.

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    **Katrine** Male

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    Mar 2014


    I have also used Pure chimp Super One, and it is really very effective for me. I have been using it and have got very good result.

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    I have also used Pure Chimp Super Face Cream to have my skin clear and smooth.
    Highly recommended to use.

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    **Emily Kristina** Female

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    Aug 2013


    I always go with natural remedies to get clear skin. Drink 10 glasses of water in a day. Eat more fruits and green vegetables and avoid junk food as much as you can. Junk foods makes our skin oily and acne prone.

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    **Julie Lara** Female

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    Jun 2015


    I'll also suggest you to use Pure chimp Super One. Its really a nice skin product.Good luck!

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    **Sam kendric** Male

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    Jun 2015
    New York


    You are try to Tretinoin Cream.

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    **Vaileria Dennis** Female

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    Jul 2015


    All suggestions are nice. Is there any one from above heard about Solvaderm USA brand?? I have just started using Solvaderm Dermpura facial cleanser. It cleans all dirt and dust. This is a leading skin care brand. I got nice reviews. This Dermpura is clinically tested. You can visit Solvaderm official website to know more. If you use this please reply me with your opinion about this.

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    **jessica carter** Female

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    Jul 2016


    you may try skin care products from Nutrition Forest

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    **Stella Bell** Female

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    Oct 2016


    Acne is one of the most common skin problems that occur to not only teenagers but also adults.

    It is often associated with bacterial infections which form clogged pores on the skin.

    While the market introduces more and more products to get rid of acne, people are prone to resort to natural remedies because of no side effects.

    And lavender oil is one of the best. You should try once because it has almost no side-effect.

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