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    Default Discoloration on hands

    About a year ago, I had gone to a theme park on a sunny day and had used sun block all over except for my hands. After 2-3 weeks, I noticed that on the sides of each of my fingers in one continuous motion from the base of my thumb all the way to the sides of my pinky were slightly discolored looking. If I look at my hands, with the backhand facing me, you canít see it. Once I start rotating my hands you can notice the discoloration. I went to a dermatologist who focuses on patients with Vitiligo but she could not diagnose what my condition was. She said that it was not Vitiligo because the discoloration is not completely white the way it is for most people with Vitiligo.

    She even used a Woodís Lamp to look at my hands and still said it was not Vitiligo. Keep in my mind that I am Hispanic and I donít naturally have a light skin tone. I have a medium-dark brown skin tone. After a year, my hands look like they are slowly getting worse but once again I donít get any white spots or patches like most people with Vitiligo. The best way I can explain it is that my skin color looks like it is slowly fading away but not turning completely white. I have become so self conscious about this that now I think I am noticing the same thing on my feet. The skin tone by my big toe running back all the way to my heal looks like it is fading the same way it does on my hands.

    What is this condition that I have if it is not Vitiligo? I searched all over the internet and all results for skin discoloration lead to Vitiligo. If what I have is Vitiligo then apparently it is the most non-obvious form of it since even the doctor didnít think it was Vitiligo. Also, are most darker skinned peopleís feet lighter in color on the sides of their feet as opposed to the top part of the foot?

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    Hi Joe ! Welcome to the forum . Wanna know if there is any abnormal sensation over the areas like itch, pain,burning etc . If possible can you post a good picture of your lesions in hand and feet.

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    To be honest, the issue is with my girlfriends hands and feet. I uploaded a few images so hopefully you can help. She doesn't complain about much itching except on the back of her hands sometimes but that's about it.

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    I also have the discoloration problem since childhood. I tried many methods but it's not going. what to do

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    Were you diagnosed? If so what did they say you have?

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