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    Default Does nail polish protect nails from breaking ?

    Hi i'm new at this site.My problem is that my nails gets chipped always,and i always feel discomfort when my cuticles dig into my skin .When I file my nails, there is always white residue under my nails but it goes away in a day's time, is this normal? i put nail polish all the time and i love it. I heard nail polish protects nails from breaking easily, but it's not working for me. please help me.

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    First let me welcome you to forum.First thing to do is just prevention from further can use cuticle oil frequently or even daily if your nails are flaky and brittle.Don't cut or tear the skin or cuticles by yourself as they help in protecting the growth center of your nail.

    Always remember to apply a hand cream after you wash your hand, as some soap makes nails very dry which results peeling and become brittle. Yea Nail polish does protect the natural nail, but remember to remove it as soon as it starts to chip. don't peel off nail polish, as this might also result in removal of the top layer of your nail leading to further damage. Have your nails manicured on a regular basis, usually every three to four weeks to make sure that your hands and nails remain healthy.

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    thanks ashma for welcoming me and thanks for your quick reply .I'll follow your advice.but then any more advice ???

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    i would agree with ashma. don't use really harsh chemicals like acetone on your nails. when you wash your hands use a little of your favorite lotion to massage into your nails. i would always use a base polish before adding the color. when you file your nails be gentle just file the tips, and if you want length taken off cut them before you file. i have to wash my hands several times a day. i use a moisterizing antibacterial soap and in between i use a moisterizing hand sanitizer. (i work with medications all day). good luck

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    There are protective nail polishes in clear color that might help to strengthen your nails. I know Sally Hansen has some which are affordable. Opi and Orly also have nail protectors. If you have brittle nails then eating jelly should also help.

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    thank you for your suggestions.

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    Smirti I really love these discussions related to nails are really useful. I also have the same doubt as you have and now I'm also benefited by reading through all the replies for your thread. Thanks to all.

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    My aunt said that frequent changing or putting nail polish can be bad for nail. For nail cuticles can make the nails fragile.

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    Hi welcome smriti, I would like to help you to your problem, perhaps you would like to try garlic. They say that garlic can make your nail strong and hard. This could might be an answer to everything. I hope I was able to work.

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    The right nail care must be done to keep the nails at their best condition. ... Growing the nails long may seem beautiful especially when nail polish is applied. ... Most people also use the nails for open something that can cause them to break. ...

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