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    **Mitchellin Adams** Female

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    Default can oily face use BB?

    I have really oily face, so even after I only put base skin care products, my face becomes oily in an hour. Therefore, after I put sunscreen, I need to use some powder types of foundation. However, I want to try some liquid foundation or BB cream, because I think they are better to cover the spots or blemishes on my face. Please give me some feedback.

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    Heya it can be a nightmare trying to control oily face....i suggest using the CC cream by Arbonne as its lightweight and has good coverage and perhaps the oil skin care kit too as the powder helps to control oil production and reduce redness. It's botanical and natural...personally i only use Arbonne products as im a consultant, but whatever works for you best

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    **SusanNewman** Male

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    Even my skin is oliy what must be applied to the face?

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    I have an oily skin and I use cc cream.. It suits better than some heavy foundations, it looks better on me and gives it a nice glow..

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    Yes, You can use BB cream to cover the blemishes on face

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    I have advice for you because I was at the same case with you.
    Before making up, you should put on some vitamin E cream and let it dry, this might help your skin to be dry and keep the oil dramatically. Dont think that put it on can make your face oilier.
    Then apply the founder cream to your face, this might hide the darker skin or sprinkles...
    Finally you can do as normal, BB cream and so on...

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    **Emma Ackermann** Male

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    Mar 2018


    I recommend you Garnier Skin Active BB Cream for your oily face. Its oil-free formula and mattifying minerals reduces the look of wrinkles that gives you a smooth and soft skin.

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