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    Default Unknown skin rash!

    Hy my name is Blaž and I'm from Slovenia and would like to apologize for my bad english grammer in advance.

    This sunday I came up with a rash in between my bellybutton and chest area and right side of chest next to my nipple. I didnt think of it much since I never had any kind of medical condition, practice safe sex and watch on my higiene.
    The next day it spread to the back of my neck, under my bellybutton and my lower back. It had little bubbles and the skin was reddish, so I've decided to go to the doctor. There they said it looks like herpes but it was strange because it spread all over my torso. She even had one doctor come for a second opinion and they both seemed without any idea of what it is, so they sent me to an infection clinick where they took my blood and the fluid from the bubbles and tested it for HsV 1,2 and VZV and after a day the tests came back negative. When I woke up today everything was itching like crazy my nipples were burning and the doctor gave me some pills and a creeme that would ease the itch ( that was before I got my tests back. So I have an apointment tomorrow to go see a dermatologist but I'm kind of sceptic about that they'll find out what's wrong so I'm posting my situation on this page. The rash or blisters are slowly spreading and I'm really worried about how far this will go. I am on a LCHF diet and am using garlic tincture but don't think that this has anything to do with the rash.
    Thank you for reading about my problem and hope to atleast get some feedback.
    Kind regards!

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    So I did my research on the web and found out what is wrong with me. I have Prurigo Pigmentosa wich is a rare skin disorder caused by my keto diet.

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    Hi blazee!
    Sorry to hear about your condition. From the picture your condition seems like herpes zoster to me as well. Anyway as you are visiting dermatologist hope your condition will be clear tommorow.hope you will keep us informed. see you around.

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    Thank you for your concern Dr. Saiyan! Much apretiated!
    Well the doctors all seemed confused. It was really hard to get them to listen to me, and even that didn't get me anywhere. So I just started to eat more carbs and the itch went away almost completly and the rash stopped spreding. Im so greatful for uncle googles infinite knowlage ^^. Well I'll be posting my situation every day.

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    It seems that your condition is improving. By the way HZ is viral infection will generally resolve on its on within 2-4wks depending upon the immunity. So high protein diet ,good rest is preferred .Keep in touch.

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