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    Default Three little bumps or group of very small bumps...

    For about 5 years( don't judge me, please...), I have, at a first view, three little bumps on the " interior" penis foreskin. They are placed in line, over the foreskin, from left side to right side. They are one larger than another.
    But, if I see them closer, these bumps are formed by very small grouped bumps.
    They don't cause any discomfort; very little when they are mechanical irritated( for example rubbing them).
    They appeared before any sexual contact and didn't change( like number or position or size).
    Sorry for my explanation and for my english.
    I will post an URL for the photo:
    If necessary, I will make another photo.
    Thank you!

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    Hi Chris! Welcome back. These bumps under your penis seems like pearly penile papule to me which is absolutely benile condition which most of mens posses. Still it's best to consult the dermatologist nearby and confirm the diagnosis.

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    Thank you!
    I forgot to say that when the penis is erect and I pull back the foreskin, they are no more raised, they stretch and become at the same " level" with the skin.
    First, I thought about fordyce spots.

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    Yes Chris ,the another possibility can be fox fordyce spot, if the lesions are comparatively flat and yellowish in colour. Which is ectopic sebaceous gland, another benign condition. Diagnosing condition through pictures has limitations so it's still wise to. visit dermatolodist personally.

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