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    Default Red spots/rash on my skin. Help me figure out what it is?

    Started noticing them first about 3-4 weeks ago. First only 1 about the size of a penny on my neck then a couple of days later another one about 2 inches away. They were red and itchy at first. I could feel with my finger a tiny little bump in the center but the bump was not visibly noticeable (no red center). Then a couple days later started turning to beige/ brown and the skin on top seemed dry and a little flaky (though that could be from my scratching). But the mark is still there (not disappered fully, just less visible). Since then I have noticed 2 more on one arm and then a couple more on the other arm and then a few more around my belly button and on my back (near the spine) and 1 on my upper thigh below the groin area.

    They are not extremely scratchy but they're not comfortable either.
    -I sleep with my husband; he has not had these marks which makes me think it's not bed bugs?
    -I have a cat that was diagnosed with flees and roundworms a few months ago. I am the only one who cleans litter.
    -No major diet changes... Although I've been eating more oatmeal than usual...?
    -Tried a new shampoo and conditioner sometime in January but only used it 1-2 times since.
    -I've been using a new all natural body wash and all natural soap when I shower but it's been about 3 months now.
    -Been using the same detergent for the last 5-6 months.

    Any thoughts on what it could be?

    Images are not loading here for me. Here are links:

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    Hi Bonita!
    Sorry to hear about your condition. Could you please send some better closeups pictures.

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    **SusanNewman** Male

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    Is can be due to sund rays or due to cat. You must go to a doctor for a check up.

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